CLIENT: Ginzinger Electronics
AGENCY: pixelart
ROLE: art direction / graphic design
YEAR / STATUS: 2015 / executed

Ginzinger Electronics offers tailor made electronic solutions for the development and production in the field of industry, medical care and and automation.

For the redesign of Ginzinger Electronics the topics of „360° Service“ and „Problemlösungskompetenz“ (= competence of creating solutions) were the focus of communication. Everything but the logo and the base color green should be redesigned from scratch. The new visual language is characterized by the use of technical shapes, a geometrical font and a fresh new color palete that guarantees a high degree of recognition and brings new life to the brand.

The keyvisual that is used on a wide range of communication materials is a geometrical construction of circles, binary code, electronic circuits as well as the letter „G“ of the logotype and symbolizes the perfect cooperation of hard- and software components of Ginzinger Electronics.